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Property Lawyer Wellington

Buying or selling your home, an investment property or a commercial building is a serious matter which can result in costly mistakes if your conveyancing has not been properly handled. Our commitment to you is that your buying and selling property experience is hassle-free.

Purchasing a Property

Whether this is your first property purchase, or you are very experienced in purchasing property, there are always contractual issues as a purchaser that you need to be clear about.


You can expect the following from Booth Law:

  • appropriate and timely advice before an agreement is signed (should you make an unconditional agreement to purchase the property or a conditional one and the consequences of either; what entity should buy the property)
  • advice on the vendor's contractual obligations to you
  • working with you and any of your advisors on matters relating to zoning, title, the structure for property ownership
  • advice on tenancy or lease arrangements. We can also develop documents for you.
  • Settlement of your purchase proceeds smoothly.


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Commercial and Residential Property Law 

Selling a Property

Selling a property also requires appropriate and timely advice.


Booth Law offers you both appropriate and timely advice before an agreement is signed with consideration whether the terms of the conditional offer that has been made ones you should accept, or should amendments made to the conditions or further conditions be added.


Property Lawyer


Once the agreement is signed Booth Law will work with you explaining what you need to do and what it will do for you. Booth Law will liase with your Bank and secured creditors, with the Local Councils and ensure that to the best of its ability that you are ready to settle on the day your property is sold. It will do its best to see that you are aware of your contractual obligations, so that any obligations are satisfied so the settlement of your sale proceeds without hitches. And most importantly it will ensure that you get what you are due, your funds from the sale.


Booth Law will do its best to ensure that the settlement of your sale proceeds smoothly and efficiently because caring for you and your property is its concern.


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Booth Law routinely assists clients in refinancing their property or properties and would be pleased to offer you smooth and efficient assistance in this process.


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